Château de La Bretesche (Pays-de-la-Loire – France)

Built in the 14th century, this medieval castle – located in Missillac (Loire Atlantique) – has been rebuilt twice.

First in the 15th century, but especially in the 19th century after having suffered the horrors of the Wars of Religion (16th century) and then those of the French Revolution when it was pillaged and burned.

It is in 1847 that the destiny of this castle changes:

It is bought by the noble family of Montaigu, which decides to restore it entirely.

The Marquis de Montaigu hired two architects from Nantes to carry out the work, whose plans were validated by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc.

It is a castle with a subtle and harmonious mix of neo-gothic and neo-renaissance styles that will be born.

But it was in fact the son of the marquis who completed the restoration of the castle, thanks to the comfortable income of his wife, daughter of the de Wendel family, a rich and powerful family of industrialists from Lorraine.

In 1965, the castle was sold to a real estate company. Their project consisted in dividing the building into apartments.
They will be sold one by one to individuals.
The outbuildings were transformed into a hotel-restaurant and the park into a golf course.

The castle of La Bretesche (whose name comes from the Latin “brittisca” which means British fortification) is still a hotel today.

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