A Private Tour of Château de Pouy-sur-Vannes

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Dive into the grandeur and charm of Château de Pouy-sur-Vannes, a castle that has forever been closed off to the general public. We invite you to a once-in-a-lifetime experience—a private tour led by none other than the castle’s owner and internationally renowned interior designer, Juan Pablo Molyneux. He has meticulously restored this historic house located in Aube, France.”

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  • Exclusive Insight: Get first-hand knowledge about the castle’s rich history, architecture, and interiors directly from Juan Pablo Molyneux.
  • Unmatched Quality: Revel in the captivating visuals with 4k Ultra HD video quality.
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Episode Details:

  • Duration: 59 minutes
  • Quality: 4k Ultra HD
  • Content: Ad-free

As this castle remains a secret haven away from public eyes, this video tour is a rare gem. Seize this golden opportunity to immerse yourself in its elegance and majesty.