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For a long time, we’ve been dedicated to sharing our exclusive French château tours with a broad audience.

On YouTube, we’ve always invested time and effort to meticulously transcribe, translate, and add English subtitles to our videos. While this has been a labor of love and appreciated by many, feedback from our English-speaking viewers made it clear: while helpful, subtitles weren’t the most immersive way to experience these tours.

We’ve heard you! Despite the challenge of castle owners not being fluent English speakers, we’ve found a groundbreaking solution. Through advanced AI, we can now provide English dubbing that truly respects and captures the authentic tone and voice of the castle owner. Prepare for an unparalleled château experience! 

As we approach the beginning of next year (Q1), we’re thrilled to introduce our exclusive community platform. This will be your gateway to meet, share, and bond with castle enthusiasts from all over the world.

Your feedback and passion have been our guiding light. Get ready to experience French Châteaux in a way you’ve never imagined!

  • The Ultimate Guide: More than just a book, this is an odyssey representing an immense dedication to research and detail. Our aim? To craft THE definitive guide to French Châteaux, aspiring to become an unparalleled reference in the château realm. This isn’t merely a book; it’s the indispensable companion for every true castle enthusiast. Anticipate its release next year!

  • A Visual Feast: Traverse the visual splendor of French Châteaux with our exclusive Photobook. Olivier, our talented filmmaker, has curated a collection of his most captivating château photographs. The best part? It’s available for pre-order now, ensuring a timely delivery for the festive season.

Join our first-ever French Chateau Event, in English!


15-week journey | No Ads | 4K Ultra HD | English Dubbing


This event is a truly unique opportunity for castle enthusiasts. You won’t find this level of access and insight anywhere else.

Our owner-led tours with English dubbing ensure you get the most out of every château visit.

Witness the grandeur of French châteaux in stunning 4K ULTRA HD. Every detail, from the intricate architecture, lavish furniture to the exquisite decoration, is captured with crystal-clear precision, enhancing your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy uninterrupted exploration with an ad-free viewing experience. No distractions, just pure and immersive French chateau tours.

Choose your preferred audio language with ease. Whether you want to listen in English or immerse yourself in native French, the choice is yours, ensuring a personalized viewing experience.

Enhance comprehension or practice your language skills with optional subtitles. Whether you’re learning French or prefer reading along in English, we’ve got you covered.

15-week journey | No Ads | 4K Ultra HD | English Dubbing