Exclusive Private Tour of Château de Pouy-sur-Vannes

Prepare to be transported to the heart of Aube, France, as you embark on a private tour of Château de Pouy-sur-Vannes. With its doors traditionally closed to the public, this is a rare glimpse into a world of elegance, history, and design mastery, guided by the renowned Juan Pablo Molyneux. For the best experience, watch in full-screen mode and ensure your sound is on.

Enjoyed the Journey Through Château de Pouy-sur-Vannes?

That’s just a glimpse of what awaits you!

While Juan-Pablo Molyneux eloquently shared his story in English, not all French château owners possess the same linguistic prowess. Yet, their tales, rich with history and passion, are too captivating to be confined by language barriers.

At So Châteaux TV, we recognized this challenge and crafted a solution to ensure our English-speaking audience can fully appreciate our vast catalog of Castle Tours (80+ episodes in stock), originally recorded in French.

Introducing our dubbed English series, enhanced with:

  • 4K Ultra HD Quality: Revel in breathtaking visuals that bring every intricate detail of the châteaux to life.
  • Audio Language Switching: Flexibility at your fingertips. Seamlessly switch between English and French audio to suit your preference.
  • Optional Subtitles: Enhance your understanding or practice your language skills with the choice of English or French subtitles.