Jemeppe Castle (Belgium) for sale

Sotheby’s Realty Belgium published few days ago (21.08.2021) on social networks an announcement concerning the offer for sale of a prestigious Belgian castle: the Jemeppe Castle.

Located in Hargimont in the Belgian province of Luxembourg, it is a plain castle whose origin dates back to the first half of the thirteenth century. At that time, the domain was a simple fortified house surrounded by marshes.

However, it is known that a fortified Roman villa had already been established in the region in Roman times. As for the Templars, they established the only commandery in the county of Luxembourg in a site very close to the present castle.

It was Lord Jean d’Ochain and his descendants who transformed it into a castle, adding an impressive keep surrounded by a double row of moats fed by the Hedrée river. They remained owners until the beginning of the 17th century, when they sold it to Henri de Waha in 1621.

During the 17th century, the keep gradually lost its defensive role. The various successive owners will add buildings to it and transform it into a real castle.

In the 19th century, the keep was roofed during a major restoration campaign.

It is then the family of the Knights of Sauvage Vercour who become owners during more than one century (1840 and 1978).


As the agency in charge of the sale indicates, the castle of Jemeppe has no less than 77 bedrooms! It covers an area of about 45 hectares.

The (starting) sale price is set at 8,000,000 €. Which – despite appearances – could be a good deal (for those who can afford it) if the price stays there (the business court will decide).

And this for several reasons:

. RENOVATED:It has been completely renovated from floor to ceiling. From the main building to the outbuildings. (We visited it and we can testify that it has been perfectly restored. In a modern way, but respecting the historical aspect of the place)

. GEOGRAPHICAL SITUATION: It is located less than 1h30 from Luxembourg City and less than 40 minutes from Namur - which are 2 particularly interesting areas to develop different commercial activities (seminars, visits, hotel, ...)

. HISTORY: It is a real monument, with a history and a proud appearance.

So, ready to make your offer?


Photos: So Châteaux – July 2020

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